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Load image into Gallery viewer, An 18 inch tall straight tube bong made by Ruckus Glass, featuring three honeycomb percolators for the ultimate smoke filtration.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ruckus Glass 18-Inch Triple Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong: Three Honeycomb Disc Percolators Providing Maximum Smoke Filtration
Load image into Gallery viewer, Triple Honeycomb Percs Bong


Ruckus Glass 18” Triple Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong

Vendor Ruckus Glass
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The Triple Honeycomb Straight Bong by Ruckus Glass

This Ruckus straight bong should be at the top of your list if you're chasing after premium function.  With not one, not two, but THREE honeycomb percs, you'll experience the pinnacle of diffusion.

Your smoke will pass through an impressive three chambers of percolators, resulting in an incredibly smooth experience. Get ready to be taken to new highs with every hit thanks to the unbeatable Triple Honeycomb Ruckus Glass straight tube bong.

3 Times The Vibes

honycomb icon

This legendary straight pipe features three honeycomb percolators. Each with its own water chamber, resulting in unparalleled smoke filtration.

So, how does it work? The honeycomb disc perc is designed to break down smoke into a lot of smaller bubbles, allowing for maximum diffusion. With a larger amount of multiple small holes, it provides a smoother smoking experience than standard disk percs.

And with three honeycomb percs, this straight tube water pipe is guaranteed to stack tons of bubbles to deliver the freshest hit.

Reach New Highs

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Standing tall with a 50mm tube diameter, this piece allows for an impressive amount of smoke to deliver a truly epic hit each time. This bong features a fixed stem and a 90-degree 18mm joint. It's perfect for passing around during group sessions or showcasing on your tabletop.

Key Highlights:

  • Three chambers with honeycomb percolators
  • Fixed stem and 90-degree 18mm joint
  • Large 50mm tube diameter
  • Made with thick 5mm quality glass
  • Flared lip design
  • Ice catcher to fill with ice cubes
  • Sturdy pedestal base
  • Tie Dye Ruckus decal


 Height: 18 Inches
Base Diameter: 5.5" Inches
Tube Diameter: 50mm
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Joint Angle: 90°
Joint Size: 18mm

Fixed Stem

Bowl Size:

18mm Male

Ice Catcher:



Triple Honeycomb Percolators