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Load image into Gallery viewer, Rock Band Beaker Bong by Ruckus Glass Slayer inspired
Load image into Gallery viewer, Close-up of 18" Inch Slayer Series Beaker Bong by Ruckus Glass.
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Ruckus Glass 18" Slayer Series Beaker Bong

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The Limited Slayer Series Beaker Bong by Ruckus Glass

Check out this killer 18" limited edition beaker bong! This bad boy is an absolute unit, with stunning slayer-inspired lettering and graphics. The vibrant flared mouth top adds a touch of color and style to this beast. But don't let the looks fool you - this bong hits just as hard as it looks.

Sessions In The Abyss

 slayer icon

Decked out with slayer-inspired graphics at the base and neck for a look that's pure metal. Not to mention, the vibrant flared lips design provides an excellent mouth-seal during rips. Additionally, it has a colorful gridded downstem with dichroic and wig wag artwork that adds an epic touch of style.

Maximum Bong Power

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With its broad 50mm tube diameter, you get a large smoke chamber and improved airflow - perfect for massive hits. Want to add a bit of chill? No problem! Its 3 notch ice catcher allows you to add ice cubes for that cool experience.

Key Highlights: 

  • 18" Limited Edition Beaker Bong with Slayer-inspired lettering and graphics
  • Flared colored lip design
  • Downstem with dichroic and wig wag artwork.
  • 50mm tube diameter for improved airflow and larger smoke chamber
  • 3 Notch Ice catcher for an extra chill experience.
  • Made with thick 5mm quality glass


 Height: 18 Inches
Base Diameter: 5.5" Inches
Tube Diameter: 50mm
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Joint Angle: 45 °
Joint Size: 18mm

18mm Male to 14mm Female | Gridded Downstem

Bowl Size:

14mm Male

Ice Catcher: